Frequent asked questions

Frequently asked questions on spell craft

What details are needed for love spells?
I need names and if possible dates of birth for anyone involved. A photo is always helpful, and sometimes I would ask for hair, handwriting samples or finger nail cuttings as these all hold psychic vibrations of the people involved in a spell, but these are not always needed. The main details I need can all be provided by email for a speedy and smooth start to your spell work.

What is the difference in the amount of castings?

Most spells are offered as a choice of castings covering 1 week 9, or 11 days.This means that for more complicated situations or ones that have been worked on a lot you have the choice of a more intensive series. some spells are cast as singles but not many. There is also the option to order from the simple spells which are every bit as powerful, just a simple format for ordering and planning. this offers 5 castings or 10 castings at inexpensive prices.

Are love spells guaranteed to work?
Unfortunately the truth is no, they cannot be, (Neither is a prayer to God guaranteed to work.) despite what certain websites claim, this is due to a number of factors. I cannot guarantee how a client will operate, I can advise them, but if they go ahead and purposely do something that goes against what they have been advised with their love spell request, then it will not help. The vast majority of people using love spells, or any other type of spell do not do anything to hinder their situation. What I can guarantee is that I will give you my strongest and most powerful work, my support and do everything in my power to correct your situation and bring your dreams into being.
You should be aware that many people or companies offering spells on the internet are NOT even witches/shamans/spell crafters etc and if they bother to cast a spell for you at all, which a lot don't! may even do more harm than good through ignorance! 

How long do spells take to work?

It is extremely difficult to predict exactly how long your spell will take to have the desired effect. But generally my clients see changes from between a few days to within 12 weeks or more correctly 3 moon phases which is approx 88.5 days .Mostly a gradual build up over this time will come about, but there have been cases of it all happening within 24 hours or so! Again everyone is different. Spells start to work the moment they are cast.

Do you cast spells for yourself? 

Some people like to know this, and I'm happy to answer! The answer is yes, and my own personal success rate is very high at around 98%. I will explain why this is; When I have a problem myself  or a situation that I need to turnaround or change I get  a higher result because I cast as many spells as necessary and do all the correct things, I also know my own situation inside out and without any "blurring" of the true picture. This differs from where clients are concerned because I work on what they tell me, along with a short divination, I cannot control them or their actions.

What do I have to do?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Some workings require you to take a small part, but mostly this is optional. But basically it is just important that you are all you need to do is be your normal self, and wait for results.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?                                                                                                                                                                                              

Really  there is no such thing, from the vast amount of emails I receive from my clients who have tried other spell casters prior to working with me, they never got their money back. It always sounds great and trouble free but the type of spell casters offering these services are generally companies who disappear over night and are the masters of re-invention leaving a trail of distraught people in their wake. The truth is that all my ingredients and consumables I use in my spells are expensive and they have to be paid for. But as mentioned before, I do guarantee that you get the benefit of my expertise, my strongest magic, and honesty. My high level and many years of experience in many very difficult situations , ensures a high success rate of my spell craft. On certain listed and named spells I offer either a free recast a totally free re-inforcement *of your spell if your result has not manifested within 5 weeks of it being cast. no ifs or buts.

Do spells really work? and what is the success rate?
I have a lot of satisfied customers; many come back for repeat spells over many years when they need a little extra help. Many people recommend my services to others. My success rate is currently between 85-90%. I always assess your situation honestly before going ahead to make sure you are aware of the true situation relating to your chosen spell work. if it was as simple as a divination coming up 100% then all spell work could be guaranteed but we are all unique and our situations are similar to others but not the exact same thing, hence the need to tailor work and work together on your solution. This will always help to get a better result.

How long do love spells last?
Most spells work until they have brought your request into being. Binding spells are different, they are permanent and therefore last forever, but not everyone wants a permanent binding love spell and they do need to be used with extreme caution. I turn down 3 out of every 5 binding requests due to the unsuitable nature of the request. I am an ethical practitioner of the spell arts.

What should I do if I'm still not sure about ordering a spell from you?                                                                                                                                                   

My honest advice is to do nothing! It is always best to go with your gut instinct. If you don't feel comfortable with me, or my energy does not seem to resonate with yours, maybe now is not a good time to enter into a spell, or maybe I am not the correct Witch for you at this time! When I perform spell work for my clients, they have to think positive, otherwise it can weaken the effect of the spell I cast for them. If you're still not sure, without being rude, maybe I should suggest that you should look for another spell caster that can help you. I never pressure people to work with me, or to take on more spell work or even any at all, the choices are always your own. I am always here should you change your mind or require further information!

I am having spells cast by someone else, will this interfere with your work?
I normally prefer to know the details if you are having workings done elsewhere, and as long as its in the light, for the same ends I am happy to work alongside others. I don't need to know every detail, just an outline, but please be aware that some others do not feel the same way and can get quite cross if you are working with more than one person. My personal belief is that if its for the same outcome, using safe magic then the energies should combine just fine and can in fact help.


Please note that Cast Spells are non refundable if you later change your mind or do not get your full outcome you desire. I will tell you truthfully before I start your workings how high the chances of full success are. I point out quite clearly that some spells will not work because of Karmic or other reasons which may be a part of the bigger picture but those that remain unseen at the time. If you still wish to spell to be worked on your behalf I still have the time and ingredients to find. I have a very good success rate and guarantee a high level of dedication and effort on your behalf if you decide to work with me and I agree to take on your spell craft. Due to my code of ethics I reserve the right to decline requests for spell work or readings . This may be without further explanation. Due to reasons of legality, all psychic readings, services and spells under new UK law are deemed as for entertainment purposes only. This statement is a legal requirement.

*The recast and reinforcement spells differ according to which spell is ordered. All spells are marked if they include either of these extra castings. Reinforcement/back up is a single spell cast again for you. Recast is a full recast of your entire spell series. All my spell work is cast from a path of light, no black magic at all. I will not take on any magical workings for revenge or harm. I am a white witch and always work within the light to protect both myself and your interests and karma.




My thoughts on curses.. as recently this has got a very bad press, with lots of psychics or mystics/witches asking for huge sums of money to remove so-called curses from people.  This is just totally unethical and mean, more