White Witch Clairvoyant Readings by Louisa

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Online white witch and Psychic clairvoyant tarot readings by Louisa, UK psychic clairvoyant and powerful white witch. I offer some different readings to other clairvoyants, and some of these are helpful in difficult or frustrating situations, especially those relating to relationships. These clairvoyant readings are white witch clairvoyant readings, and they are especially designed to look into situations that you may have decided to cast a spell on, or have have spells cast for you in order to bring change into your personal situation. If you are in a position where a clairvoyant reading is on your mind but you are also thinking of casting a spell, then the White witch clairvoyant reading maybe a good option for you. This is a specially tailored for your personal situation, but also includes some other methods that are used in the divination prior to spell work. For this reason it can bring an added perspective to your online clairvoyant reading, and help you make those important decisions regarding whether to let the situation go and move on, or whether to look at having a go casting a spell on it first. Or of course getting someone to cast that spell for you. Although these readings are all clairvoyant in nature, the extra focus from the spell craft point of view does help to make your decisions that little bit easier.for those of you that have been having online readings with me for a long time, my clairvoyant and psychic readings are still available as usual. These of one readings are available using the following choices, and you will get this option to select which you would like to use on the order form. All of my readings are clairvoyant in nature and that includes the White witch readings.whether you decide to have tarot or angel cards is entirely up to you, and these will be incorporated into your reading in a seamless manner if that is your choice.

The psychic readings below can be completed using the following choices, Angel readings. Psychic readings. Tarot readings. Psychic tarot readings, or Pure clairvoyance. You can also order from my psychic reading website www.psychic-light.co.uk this is my other website that then leads on to the secure ordering page. All your details are confidential each step of the way. I do not see your credit card details, they are all completed online by Barclays merchant services to ensure a very secure service.

My clairvoyant readings can answer questions on many subjects. However, there are some areas which I do not cover and these include predicting death, and answering any questions on health. I am happy to answer questions about a third party, but only within the context of your own reading, so it does need to relate to you or your life. I do not as a rule complete whole readings on others without their permission. I am a specialist at answering questions on matter of the heart, and you have my word that I will be straight and honest with you.


The next step is to choose how many questions you would like to ask, and then when you click to order you will be  transferred to my secure site to make your payment. Using  merchant services ePDQ secure technology.  If you have any queries at all please use contact form click here.


This one question mini psychic reading  is approx 300 words long.
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This three question online psychic reading is approx 650 words long.
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This four question online psychic reading is approx 1000 words long
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This reading doesnt have a word count, as it answers 10 separate questions. ORDER NOW


My thoughts on curses.. as recently this has got a very bad press, with lots of psychics or mystics/witches asking for huge sums of money to remove so-called curses from people.  This is just totally unethical and mean,..read more