White Witch Psychic Readings £30

These readings are suitable when you are thinking of casting a spell yourself, have had a spell cast or if you are looking for spell help in particular. You dont HAVE to be involved with a spell situation though! It is suitable for all situations.Other Clairvoyant readings are available from the clairvoyant readings page above or click here to go there now.These clairvoyant readings are white witch clairvoyant readings, and they are especially designed to look into situations that you may have decided to cast a spell on, or have have spells cast for you in order to bring change into your personal situation. If you are in a position where a clairvoyant reading is on your mind but you are also thinking of casting a spell, then the White witch clairvoyant reading maybe a good option for you. This is a specially tailored for your personal situation, but also includes some other methods that are used in the divination prior to spell work.


My thoughts on curses.. as recently this has got a very bad press, with lots of psychics or mystics/witches asking for huge sums of money to remove so-called curses from people.  This is just totally unethical and mean,..read more